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My name is Tamara Korac. I was born 1977 in Belgrade where I live and work as a photographer. Since very young photography was my hoby, passion  that was overwhelming me, and a camera was inevitable equipment in all my travels. That love for photography I turned into my profession. To me it’s not just a photo, it is a treasure trove of memories, reminiscents, my emotions.

I participated in several group exhibitions, won awards at various photo contests of which the most pressious one is showcased photo in Milan MIA PHOTO FAIR 2017 for Gurushot’s contest “minimalism”. There are also special commendation and exhibit at the annual photo contest Refoto 2017. I participated in the project “Images of Serbia”, which aims at gathering of lovers of photography and the beauty of Serbia, where my photos appeared on their annual calendar, and then at the exhibition. I was part of the jury in the photo contest “Cultural and historical monuments of the Old City“ at the Cultural Institutions “UK Parobrod” in june 2017. I photographed many celebrities for magazines like Branke Veselinovic, Vlaste Velisavljevic, Gorice Popovic, Julijane Lule Zivojinovic, Davora Perunicica, Jelisavete Karadzic, Srdjana Ilica, direktor Milana Todorovica, bard Marka Scepanovica, Zoe Kida (Zemlja Gruva) etc. I worked at Fabrika Fotografa, and cooperation with companies such as Vichy, La Roche, Chic a Mote, Feedback, Love Pets, portal Kulturizacija, Deciji Kulturni Centar, concerts of traditional national dance performed by school “Lujo Davico”, Etno selo Zabran, hotel Lav, Gosi International etc.

Today, as founder and teacher I work in a photo workshop “Picture It” where my knowledge of photography I pass to young people who share the same passion and love for photography. I am photographer of Networking Day-Poslovni Susreti, I photograph weddings, celebrations, promotions etc. On instagram I am Moderator of Perfection Family (Nature perfection, Sky perfection, Stilllife perfection).